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Fitness & Weight Loss

Our programs are designed to take you on a healthy lifestyle journey that will show you how to improve your flexibility, mobility, power, and strength by using a combination of tailored exercise, nutrition and lifestyle Our training programs are designed not only to help you learn correct exercise form but also to help you improve your strength, lose weight if needed and create a quality of life you can enjoy.

Cathe Friedrich XTrain Series 90 Day Workout program For Women and Men - 9 Fat Burning Cross Training DVDs

Bodybuilding & Strength Training

 We are offering a wide range of  Fitness bodybuilding and strength  programs, including  body tone up plan for women, body strength and muscle building for men, Six pack plan, Bikini body plan, bodybuilding challenges and so on

All Types of Yoga

Our unique yoga  program will be with you every step of the way, teaching you how to master each move before progressing to the next. You will surprise yourself in how quickly your strength, flexibility and confidence increase

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